July 30, 2004

Alien appeal

Roivan: Book one of the A'nzarian Chronicle
by Glynne Maclean
Penguin Books

THIS book was different to anything that I
have ever read before.

I usually wouldn't have picked it up of the
bookshelf, because I don't read science fiction.
But, apart from being a bit too complicated in
some parts, it was a really great book.

Alien girl Roivan is found as a stowaway on a
space ship. The crew make friends with her,
trying to find out where she came from, who
she is and why she is there.

I loved the descriptive language about
Roivan's special abilities and her species. I
enjoyed this book a lot and now plan to read
the second one.

Reproduced With Permission © Manawatu Standard 2004


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