November 2003 - Page 104

* For fans of science fiction
Wellington writer Glynne MacLean's
first novel Roivan (Penguin, pb,
$17.00) entrances from chapter
one. Roivan is a mysterious tele-
kinetic and telepathic child who
has been surreptitiously travelling
aboard various spaceships slowly
making her way to "human space".
When she is discovered on hoard
the Balliage there are no other ships
around that she can teleport to
and she is forced to remain aboard.
The crew members are suspicious,
knowing nothing of her species or
home planet, but they learn that
Roivan's abilities put her in danger.
MacLean keeps it tense in this
tightly woven tale.     JL


© North & South 2003

Reviewer JL is Jessie Lambert



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